PRESS RELEASE – Middle School Vocational Technical Education Funds


The Albany Public Schools Foundation would like to thank the community and business donors who helped support Yes for Albany Schools.  The Yes for Albany Schools Political Action Committee (PAC) was instrumental in the recent passage of the Greater Albany Public School District construction bond.  We would like to thank the many volunteers and community members who spent countless hours in support of students in the Greater Albany Public School District.


The Yes for Albany Schools PAC has donated the remaining cash reserves from their campaign to the Albany Public Schools Foundation.  As a result of the bond, new vocational education classrooms will be built at each of the four middle schools. The donated funds will be used for materials and supplies to outfit these new middle school vocational technical education spaces.

If you would like more information on how you can support vocational programs for middle schools students, please contact the Albany Public Schools Foundation at 541-979-2773 or email us at  For more information about the bond construction projects, visit: