Big Impact Grant

The Albany Public Schools Foundation will be accepting applications for the Big Impact grant starting November 1st. 

The grant proposal must be for a collaborative and innovative big impact project including two or more schools. The applicant(s) can be teachers from multiple elementary, middle or high schools who collaborate on a big project/program.  For instance, in 2018-19, the middle schools received funds to help with Outdoor School supplies such as sleeping bags, rain gear and more. In 2017-18 the elementary music teachers received a grant which purchased music instruments for all 15 elementary schools. The goal of this grant program is to help a new program get started or expand an existing program.  The Foundation is looking for an innovative idea that engages kids in hands-on activities.


Info about the Big Impact Grant

Grant Application

Application deadline : December 3, 2021

Grant Evaluations

Evaluation deadline: June 30, 2022

2018 Big Impact Award

Four middle schools received funds for Outdoor School supplies - $14,000

2017 Big Impact Award

Fifteen GAPS elementary schools received music instruments - $20,000