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Create an Endowment

The Albany Public Schools Foundation manages over $2.4 million in endowed funds that have been established through bequests, memorials, or as part of a living legacy in support of students in Albany. While most endowed funds are created to provide scholarships for graduating seniors, a donor may choose other criteria for their endowment with the Foundation. Primary needs include but are not limited to: scholarships, student assistance (low-income), suicide prevention, and K-12 enrichment opportunities.

What is an endowed fund?

An endowed fund is an invested pool of money which earns income that the Albany Public Schools Foundation can use to further its mission of supporting Albany students. As the donor, you choose the purpose of your endowed fund. The Foundation manages the fund and is the vehicle through which your passion for helping kids is realized.

How to create your endowed fund

Decide the Type and Purpose of Your Fund

As the donor, you may designate your fund for a named scholarship, specific Foundation program, or for use where the need is greatest.

Scholarships with Albany Public Schools Foundation

Named Scholarships

Scholarship in the name of a family, business, or loved one.
Classroom Grants with Albany Public Schools Foundation

Classroom & Enrichment Grants

Art, music, STEM, and physical education.
Student Assistance Program with Albany Public Schools Foundation

Student Assistance Program

Help us serve low-income students K-12 and beyond.
Big Impact Grants with Albany Public Schools Foundation

Suicide Prevention & Anti-Bullying

Support for K-12 mental health wellness programs.
Science Experiments

Other Fund Designation

As long as it aligns with our mission, we are happy to consider ideas.

Determine When and How Much to Give

You can establish a fund either with a direct contribution during your lifetime, through a legacy gift, or both. A minimum initial gift of $25,000 in cash, appreciated securities, or other real property is needed to endow a fund, but you may start with a smaller amount and make plans to grow it into an endowment over a five-year period.

Fund distribution example: APSF bases its fund distribution on a 36-month rolling average of the fair market value of the fund. For example: A mature endowed fund of $50,000, at a 4% distribution rate, would grant or award $2000 annually based on investment income. New endowments typically take a few years to generate enough investment income for distribution.

Name Your Fund

Many donors choose to name their fund with their or their family’s name or as a memorial to a loved one. If you wish to remain anonymous, we suggest you select a name that reflects your fund’s charitable interest. We will protect your identity, if you so choose.

It’s That Simple

Once you complete and sign your fund agreement, we will begin to serve your charitable objectives, assuring that your wishes will be met in perpetuity. We will send you fund activity reports annually (or more often) to help you keep track of your charitable fund and the grants or scholarships made from it.

Contact us today to get started on your endowed fund!

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Information for your Financial Advisor

Securities Transfers to Albany Public Schools Foundation

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Don't have the minimum?

If you don’t have the minimum $25,000 you can set up a Pre-Endowment account and save towards $25,000. Contact us to find out how.

Current APSF Endowments

Albany Options School

Arbuthnot Success Grant

Supports a deserving AOS Students, with severe financial need and/or challenges, as they prepare to matriculate to a post-secondary college or trade school.
Cammack Morgan Family Investment in Excellence Scholarship

Cammack Morgan Family Investment in Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship award is for a student majoring in education or a STEM related field at an Oregon college or trade school.
Candy Baker Memorial Scholarship

Candy Baker Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the applicant with a GPA of 3.0, financial need, and work experience and/or community or school service.
Cecil Botkin Memorial Scholarship

Cecil Botkin Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the applicant with the highest GPA, who enrolls at Oregon State University, and who has lettered in a sport at WAHS.
Eric Mann Memorial Scholarship

Eric Mann Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the applicant with the highest GPA, who enrolls at Oregon State University, and who has lettered in a sport at WAHS.
Irene Coburn Scholarship

Irene Coburn Scholarship

This scholarship is for tuition, books and fees for a graduate of AOS, SAHS, or WAHS studying in a field related to electrical work.
Jordan K-6 Support Fund

Jordan K-6 Support Fund

This fund supports equitable opportunities for low income kindergarten thru 6th grade students.
Ms. Marilee Scholarship

Ms. Marilee Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduate from AOS, SAHS, or WAHS who attended Periwinkle Elementary school for at least two years.
Shogren Family Scholarship

Shogren Family Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to an AOS or WAHS student pursuing a degree in education or law enforcement.
Step Forward Fund

Step Forward Fund

This fund supports postsecondary scholarships and K-12 support for low-income students.
West Albany Bulldogs

Teddy Brown Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduate of West Albany High School with an accumulated GPA of at least 3.5.

Water Awareness from Albany Public Schools Foundation

Water Awareness

Funds water safety for all 3rd and 4th grade GAPS students.

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