This year, the Albany Public Schools Foundation is pleased to announce that $44,250 in scholarships have been awarded to outstanding students from Albany Options, South Albany, and West Albany high schools.

Since 1991 the Foundation has awarded $348,994 in scholarships to graduating seniors.

These scholarships are funded by endowments, memorial gifts, and annual donations.
Funding for these scholarships were provided by:

  • Albany Chamber Pipeline Program
  • ​Central Willamette Credit Union
  • The Teddy Brown Endowment
  • The Eric Mann Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • The M. Grace Howell/DKG Scholarship
  • The Jeanne Linn Scholarship
  • ATI - Allegheny Technologies Inc. Scholarship
  • Friends and Family - Joseph Blickenstaff Memorial Scholarship
  • Friends and Family - Chris Lukesic & Sons Memorial Scholarship
  • Friends and Family - Jim Linhart Memorial Scholarship
  • Friends and Family - Bodkin Scholarship

Students interested in applying for these scholarships should contact their school's counseling center for information and applications.

Image result for educationCongratulations to the 2017 Scholarship Winners

The Albany Public Schools Foundation was honored to award nineteen scholarships, totaling $44,250, to high school seniors from the 2017 Albany graduating classes.

Albany Options senior Jordan Monet Jackson was awarded the Albany Public Schools Foundation scholarship.
Alan Hernandez was awarded the Albany Pipeline

South Albany High School scholarship award winners were:  Emma Clare, Jim Linhart scholarship; Riley Swanson, Howell/DKG scholarship; Hannah Barber, Eric Mann scholarship;  Cristian Amador and Katie Osuna, Jeanne Linn scholarship; Katie Osuna, Central Willamette Credit Union scholarship.

West Albany High School scholarship award winners were:
Josh Rondeau and Delanie Phillips, Teddy Brown scholarship; Felicia Lopez-Martinez, Jim Linhart scholarship; Denisse Medina, Joseph Blickenstaff scholarship; Jessica Woodall, Chris Lukesic Memorial scholarship; Anthony Straw, Botkin Memorial scholarship; Evelynn Flamez and Kylan Moe, Albany Chamber Pipeline / LBCC scholarship; Lauren Schuh, Howell - DKG scholarships; Emily Harding and Riley Lamont, ATI - Allegheny Technologies Inc. scholarship.

Please contact us for  more information on how you can help support kids in the Albany Public School District through setting up or donating to a scholarship fund.