"Real Talk" with GAPS Graduate

A few GAPS graduates talk about how the Student Assistance Program is making a difference in achieving their dreams.

"Real Talk" with GAPS Graduates

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Mentors are professionals or retirees who volunteer to help open doors and expand the career potential of young people.

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The Foundation hosts multiple memorial funds in memory of those that support education.

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The mission of the Foundation is to generate and distribute resources that enrich and enhance education opportunities for all students, encourage teachers to implement innovative educational programs, and award scholarships to Albany Public School District students.

Albany Public Schools Foundation partners with the Greater Albany Public School District to help Albany students succeed. See what services we provide below.

Grants supporting a multi-school collaborative big impact project.
Grants for teachers to support enrichment opportunities in the classroom.
Grants for innovative programs that support enrichment opportunities.
Each spring the Foundation awards scholarships to graduating seniors from Albany Options, South Albany, and West Albany High School.

Breaking down barriers in education due to issues such as financial challenges and other educational obstacles.

Supporting post-secondary success through mentoring and career exploration
Water Awareness from Albany Public Schools Foundation

Water Awareness

Teaching all 3rd and 4th grade students how to swim
Supporting the Sources of Strength suicide prevention and anti-bullying program
Providing resources for students and teachers in the classroom

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