Scholarship List

AK Carpet & More Entrepreneurial Scholarship

AK Carpet & More takes pride in exceeding expectations. They have established this scholarship to remove some barriers for students who want to further their education in order to gain the necessary knowledge to allow them to start their own business.

Albany Hyundai Forward Learning Scholarship

Albany Hyundai is a family-owned company that takes pride in assisting the city’s youth to follow their dreams.

Albany Medical Imaging Company Scholarship

The Albany Medical Imaging Company established this scholarship to assist a student in their educational path towards a career in a medical field.

Albany Pride Scholarship

Albany Pride is a local group offering peer networking and support for people in Albany (and the surrounding area) who identify as LGBTQIA+, their families, and friends.

Alford Family Scholarship

David and Joanne Alford attended Eastern Oregon University which provided a pathway to establishing their place in the workforce. They were able to draw on their educational experiences to have successful careers. The hope is that this scholarship will help others to follow their path to a better future.

Alvarez-Cortez Scholarship

This scholarship was designed to encourage Latinx students to expand their horizons and follow their dreams.

Alyrica Networks Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Every student needs to know they have community support in their quest to reach their goals. Alyrica Networks would like to support a student who has demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit, initiative, and a desire to help others.

APSF Board of Directors Scholarship

This scholarship is given to honor the volunteer service to the Albany Public schools Foundation and the entire Albany community, by retiring APSF Board members: John Andersen and Chris Nelson.

APSF Career and Technical Education Scholarship

Career Technical Education is a program of study that involves a multi-year sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to post-secondary education and careers.

ATI Scholarship

The ATI Scholarship is in honor of those students who want to study at LBCC to learn trades that are present at many manufacturing sites in Albany.

BBSI Scholarship

BBSI’s sole focus is to improve the probability of small business success. BBSI advocates for business owner success by supporting them with a dedicated, local team of seasoned professionals working in partnership to achieve the business owner’s vision. This scholarship has been set up to help a student achieve their educational vision.

“Be a Good Human” Ayers Family Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor a student who does the correct thing even when nobody is watching.

Bob Egan Family Memorial Scholarship

Bob Egan was a member of the first graduating class of Albany Union High School, now West Albany High School. His wife Gloria, their two children and five grandchildren were also Bulldogs. To honor Bob’s contracting background, this scholarship has been established to encourage and support a student who has chosen a career in the trades.

Budget Blinds of Albany and Corvallis Scholarship

Community connection is what Budget Blinds is all about. They strive to help people show their individuality and follow their passion in their daily lives. This scholarship has been established to help remove a barrier for a student to further their education and pursue their dreams.

Business Beavs Scholarship

The Business Beavs Scholarship is designed to help remove a financial barrier for a student who plans to attend the College of Business at Oregon State University.

Candy Baker Memorial Scholarship

Candy Baker was an outstanding teacher and administrator. She taught at West Albany high School and then at Albany Options School. Her dedication to children was geared to being the champion of the underdog, a role in which she had incredible energy and passion. Candy believed in her students, and instilled in them the belief that they could achieve great things.

Central Willamette Credit Union Scholarship

Central Willamette Credit Union established this scholarship to give back to the community and to help a student continue on their educational path.

Cherita Wilson Realtor- Follow Your Art Scholarship

As a Realtor, former choral voice teacher, community theater director, performer and lover of film and the visual arts, Cherita Wilson has a passion for any form of art that provides a positive and enriching experience. Through Party Perfection Oregon, she has been able to continue her love of performance and art. She has established this scholarship in the hopes that students, regardless of the art form, will be encouraged to change their community with that same love by following their art!

Chris Lukesic and Sons Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in the memory of Chris and his two sons, Kegan and Garrett who were killed in a car accident in 2008. Chris was a 1997 graduate of West Albany High School.

Christensen Machine Service Scholarship

Christensen Machine Service has been in business for over 20 years. They established this scholarship to encourage students to consider a career in the trades.

CMX Dream Big Scholarship

Asan industry leader in medical imaging distribution and service, CMX Medical Imaging is thrilled to help a student pursue their dream of continuing their education.

Darrell Wolfe Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors Darrell Wolfe, a longtime English educator at West Albany High School.

David Alford Memorial Scholarship

David Alford faced numerous challenges in life and always maintained a positive outlook. This scholarship is set up to honor a student who has overcome obstacles and continues to grow as an individual.

Delta Kappa Gamma (Howell) Scholarship

Grace Howell was a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, an honorary society of women educators. The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. They have a vision of impacting education worldwide. This scholarship was established to honor a student who has demonstrated leadership in educating other individuals.

Derek Beattie Memorial Scholarship

Derek Beattie graduated from South Albany High School in 2004, where he played football, baseball, track, and swimming. He enjoyed snowboarding, running, camping and being outdoors. His goal was to receive a culinary degree and open his own bar and grill. This scholarship was set up in the memory of Derek and his love of life.

Diane Smith Family Memorial Scholarship

Diane Smith was an educator and lifelong champion for doing what’s best for students at all times. She held numerous positions in her educational career, including instructing at the elementary, middle, high school and university level, she was a principal, and Director of Curriculum. She was an expert in the fields of standards-based and proficiency education.

Donald G. Stevens Family Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Donald G. Stevens. Don, aka, “Honey”, “Dad”, and “Gramps” to West Albany alumni, Cami and Kellan Soriano, was a skilled Mason, had a big heart for youth, was extremely hard working and dedicated to improving the lives of others.

East Albany Lions Club/Jack Haines Memorial Scholarship

Lions Club International is the world’s largest service club organization. They believe in leading by example, building relationships and improving the world through kindness. This scholarship is a way to help a student move forward on their educational path.

Edward Jones Scholarship

Edward Jones financial advisors care about what is important to their community, and they work to help people reach their goals. This scholarship is designed to help a student reach their educational goals.

Ephraim Hackett Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors Ephraim Hackett, the long-time band instructor at West Albany High School who also founded and conducted the Corvallis New Horizons Band.

Eric Mann Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is being offered in the name of Eric Charles Mann who graduated from South Albany High School in 1986 and later died in the Oregon surf in 1987. Eric will be remembered for a continuous smile, his warmth, his respect for his friends and family, his personality, his desire to work hard, his reliability, his charm, his humor, and his style. And Eric had a great love of the outdoors.

Familia Hernandez Scholarship

This scholarship is in honor of the Hernandez family and their dedication to education. They want to support students seeking careers in STEM-related fields.

Geneva Eleese Myrical May Humphrey Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Geneva Eleese Myrical May Humphrey, a 2019 graduate of South Albany High School, who passed away on November 14, 2021. Geneva loved dancing and music and was devoted to her family and friends. She was dedicated to her community by volunteering with many organizations and events.

Gerding Civil & Construction Engineering Scholarship

Gerding Builders would like to encourage students of the Greater Albany Public School District to pursue continuing education within Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University with the intent to enhance local workforce development in the construction industry. As a leading commercial construction company in this area, we seek young talent emerging from this program as potential up-and-coming leaders within our company.

Gerding Workforce Development Scholarship

Gerding Builders would like to encourage students of the Greater Albany Public School District to pursue continuing education through LBCC with the intent to enhance area workforce development. As a leading construction management company in the area, we see the positive impact that a person with a skilled education and/or trade can have in various industries. We believe and promote individuals to pursue such education so that they may have valuable life-long skills, enabling them to earn a good living wage.

Heern-Maez Memorial Scholarship

For over 30 years, Jim Heern worked as a public high school teacher in the Illinois Valley and the Albany area. He taught agriculture, welding, earth science, and strength training. At the age of 16, a Latino family by the name of Maez took him into their home and instilled in him a desire to strive for racial unity. With this in mind, this scholarship is set up for a diverse student who has experienced hardships and needs a helping hand.

Hispanic Heritage Success Scholarship

In recognition of Hispanic and Latinx students’ hard work and contributions, this scholarship has been established. It is designed to honor students whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

IGA Hometown Proud Scholarship

IGA is a community-based organization that strives to be part of the community that they serve. They believe in supporting youth and encouraging students to broaden their horizons. This scholarship is to honor their mission of civic responsibility.

Immanuel Lutheran Scholarship

One key element for young people to move towards financial stability as adults is getting a complete education. This scholarship is designed to give a helping hand to a student who has experienced challenges in their life including housing insecurities. The hope is that the student realizes they are supported by their community.

Jeanne Linn Scholarship

The Jeanne Linn Scholarship is funded from an endowment left by Albany resident Jeanne Linn after her death in 1995. She and her husband had no children but had an interest in funding the educational opportunities for children of others in the community where she grew up.

Jensen Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship is given in honor of Jim and Jeannie Jensen who were loving parents and grandparents, and who cared about helping underserved young people in their community.

Jim Linhart Scholarship

Jim Linhart was known for having a heart for Albany. He was employed by the State Department of Human Services for almost 20 years and worked tirelessly, professionally and privately, for the interests of children. He was also on the Albany School Board and was a member of the Albany City Council. The Chamber of Commerce honored him with the First Citizen Award, which now bears his name. A plaque in his honor, placed by the Kiwanis Club of Albany, now stands on the playground in Eleanor Hackelman Park.

Knife River Corp. ELDT/CDL

Knife River is one of the nation’s largest construction materials and contracting businesses. They believe in building strong communities and making a difference in the world. This scholarship pays for a student to complete a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) program through Knife River.

Koontz Family Accounting Scholarship

The Koontz family has a desire to help a student prepare for a future job in accounting or a business-related field.

Koontz Family Health Sciences Scholarship

The Koontz family has a desire to help a student prepare for a future job in the Health Sciences.

Latinx Heritage Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to help Latinx students fulfill their dreams of going to college and continuing their education. Preference will be given to applicants that are the first members of their families to attend college.

LBCC Community Scholarship

Linn-Benton Community College works as a community to engage students and help them achieve their academic goals. This scholarship will help a student join the LBCC community while they journey down their educational path.

Legacy/Legado Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to help a student who has a vision for the legacy they want to create in the world.

Lepman Aspirational Scholarship

The Lepman Aspirational Scholarship is designed to encourage and support a student who has a desire to gain competency in a vocational trade. A successful candidate has overcome some life challenges and has a goal to further their education.

Linfield University Scholarship

This scholarship is for students who plan to attend Linfield University. It is designed for students seeking a springboard to opportunity and for the world in which graduates will innovate, serve, and lead.

Linn Benton NAACP Scholars Scholarship

Established in 2020, the Linn Benton NAACP Scholars Scholarship is awarded to outstanding high school students who plan to pursue a degree or certification completion in the United States. While in high school the student must have demonstrated a commitment toward academic excellence, servant leadership, equality of rights of all persons, and robust interest to eliminate race-based discrimination.

M. Grace Howell Scholarship

Grace Howell was a long-time educator who wanted to help students planning to go into teaching as a profession. When Mrs. Howell was in college, she was helped by others in completing her education and wanted to pass on that legacy. This is why she established this scholarship.

Mae Lane Memorial Scholarship

The intent of this scholarship is to support a Hispanic first-generation college student.

Michelle Davis Memorial Scholarship

Michelle was a West Albany and Linfield grad who had a strong drive to succeed. This scholarship is in her memory, given to a student with her spirit of dedication.

Ms. Marilee Scholarship

Ms. Marilee Scheer Fitzpatrick was a champion of education. As the principal of Periwinkle Elementary School, she was selected by her peers as an Oregon “National Distinguished Principal”. She was a perpetual cheerleader, sharing all the good things happening in education with others. She encouraged all to seek more education in whatever field was of interest. Ms. Marilee loved education, and wanted everyone to make the best of themselves.

Nancy & Jim Goode Scholarship

Nancy and Jim Goode have spent their lives supporting kids. They created this scholarship to leave a legacy of helping students achieve their educational goals.

New Horizons Scholarship

This scholarship is to honor the memory of Steve Streny who believed in lifelong learning and that everyone should follow their passion along their own pathway to life.

No Dinx Art Scholarship

This scholarship is set up to honor students with exceptional talent in the arts. The hope is to encourage creativity, artistic skills, and to help students showcase their artistic voice.

Northwest Community Credit Union Community Impact Scholarship

Northwest Community Credit Union was established in 1949 with a commitment to providing each individual (and their community) with exceptional service and resources to improve their financial future. NWCU is honoring the commitment by establishing this scholarship to help a student continue their education and reach their career goals.

NW Natural Scholarship

The mission of NW Natural is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy in an environmentally-responsible way to better the lives of the public they serve. And to better the lives of Albany students, they have established this scholarship.

Oakeson Hotrum Scholarship

This scholarship has been established to help women headed to a field where they have been traditionally underrepresented such as science, technology, engineering, math, law enforcement, and many trades. If you are a female and setting your sights on one of these or similar areas this scholarship will help you get there.

Officer Jason Hoerauf Memorial Scholarship

Officer Jason Hoerauf was struck and killed in 2002 while assisting a family with a disabled van on I-5. He was employed by the Albany Police Department and will always be a mentor for how he served his city, state, and country.

Oregon State University Scholarship

Oregon State University is an international public research university that draws people from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. This scholarship was established to help an Albany student join the Beaver Nation.

Pacific Power – Powering Your Greatness Scholarship

For over 100 years, Pacific Power has served this region. They have dedicated employees who work tirelessly to support the community. To continue their legacy of giving, this scholarship has been established to help a student reach their educational goals.

Pat Bedore Memorial Scholarship

Patricia “Pat” Bedore was Greater Albany Public Schools’ Superintendent from 2001-2008. During her tenure as GAPS superintendent, she guided the district through a successful $55 million bond campaign. Pat had a rare ability to connect people with divergent views, provide intelligent leadership and support others with kindness, respect, empathy and humor.

Pathway to Construction Engineering Scholarship

This scholarship was designed to help a student who is interested in pursuing a career in a construction engineering related field. The funds will help support the student while taking classes and a possible paid internship during the summer may be available to give the student some hands-on experience to jump start their education.

Pautsch Family Scholarship

This scholarship is set up to honor a family full of nurses (mother, sister, cousins). Nursing is an important profession that needs great people to fill it.

PEO Chapter O Oktoberfest Scholarship

PEO is a women’s organization, where women celebrate the advancement of women. Chapter O would like to help an Albany woman reach for the stars.

Rebecca Lianne Varco Memorial Scholarship

Becca Varco was one of the most caring and sincere individuals to have ever lived. No matter what you wanted, she would encourage you however she could. If you were in need, she would be the first to offer help. Dedicated to her lasting memory and to honor all the good she wanted to achieve in the world, let this scholarship pick up where she left off.

Reid Family Scholarship

The Reid Family Scholarship provides financial assistance to a well-rounded student who is committed to life-long learning and caring for their community. Ideal scholarship recipients are known for their integrity, strong sense of purpose, determination, optimism, and compassion for others.

Rob Romancier Girls Water Polo Scholarship

As the girls Water Polo coach for West Albany High School for 25 years, Rob Romancier has not only coached the girls in the pool, but has been a ”life coach” and mentor to the girls. This scholarship is in Rob’s name to encourage and support a water polo athlete to reach for her dreams.

Roger Dasch Memorial Scholarship

Roger was one of twelve siblings, ten of which graduated from college. He had a passion for helping kids and spent his career teaching and coaching. This scholarship has been established to honor his life-long work of encouraging kids to follow their dreams and strive to be the best that they can be.

S.H. and Myong Lee Healthcare Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor a physician and nurse who served in the local community, by their sons who graduated from SAHS. The hope is to encourage a student to follow their passion to help people through a career in healthcare.

Samaritan Health Services Scholarship

Samaritan Health Services has a mission of Building Healthier Communities Together. To help achieve this mission, Samaritan has set up this scholarship to promote healthy mental growth through education. Serving with PRIDE (Passion, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Excellence) is the vision of the organization and it is with PRIDE that they extend a helping had to a deserving student who wants to better themselves and strive to achieve their career goals.

SERVPRO Scholarship

SERVPRO is a locally-owned business that has a heart for giving back to their community. This scholarship is designed to honor a student who has also given of themselves to help others.

Sharon Gisler Memorial Scholarship

Sharon Gisler was a beloved GAPS educator whose 30-year career included teaching and counseling throughout the district. Sharon was also a community activist who worked tirelessly for a more just and peaceful world, both here in Albany and beyond. In her memory, this scholarship supports students who believe, as she did, in the power of teaching to make the world a better place. This can be through classroom teaching or other service-related fields.

Shirley (Volz) Bilyeu Memorial Scholarship

Shirley (Volz) Bilyeu devoted her life to caring for others. Whether it was family, friends, her church, her work with young children, or with non-profit organizations, she always aimed to help others. Shirley believed in changing the world through kindness.

Shogren Family Scholarship

As retired Albany public educators for thirty years, and having a daughter currently serving as a police officer, Bill and Lisa Shogren are dedicated to helping students in Albany who wish to become future educators or law enforcement officers.

Shortstops Scholarship

Shortstops is a locally owned and operated restaurant in North Albany. They believe in supporting the community and the students in Albany. This scholarship is part of their commitment to encouraging young people to be active and to follow their dreams.

Southpaw’s Baseball Scholarship

Southpaw’s is a locally owned and operated restaurant and sports bar in North Albany. They believe in supporting the community and the students in Albany. This scholarship is part of their commitment to encouraging young people to be active and to follow their dreams.

STEM Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship was designed to encourage culturally-diverse students to further their education in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) related field.

Step Forward Scholarship

This scholarship has been set up to help a student pursue their dreams of continuing their education beyond high school.

Taylor - Kolkow Family Scholarship

The Taylor – Kolkow family understands the importance of, and is committed to giving back to the community. This scholarship is to honor the time and commitment a student has shown to maintain good grades while volunteering to help others.

Teddy Brown Memorial Scholarship

In her will, Jean Brown established the Teddy Brown Endowment in the memory of her son, Teddy Brown. Teddy was an outstanding student at West Albany High School and was ranked fifth in the Northwest in tennis. At age fifteen, Teddy was killed in a car accident.

The Corvallis Clinic Scholarship

The Corvallis Clinic has a mission to deliver exceptional medical care with compassion and commitment to service, guided by the values of: Compassion, Excellence, Teamwork, and Trust. They have established this scholarship to aid a student in their journey into a healthcare field.

Western Oregon University Scholarship

Western Oregon University was originally established in 1856, and now has an enrollment of approximately 6,000 students. This scholarship will help a student become a WOU Wolf.

Zerby Healthcare/Education Scholarship

This scholarship is set up to honor Brienz Zerby, daughter of a healthcare professional, to encourage young people to pursue a profession dedicated to the betterment of mankind.

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