Support Economically Disadvantaged Youth

The Albany Public Schools Foundation invites you to support local public school students, their teachers as well as graduating seniors.  The Student Assistance Fund helps at-risk and low income students achieve the college dream and provides needed essentials and enrichment opportunities for K-12 students.

Katelyn, from South Albany High School, and Jodi, from West Albany High School, talk about the importance of the Student Assistance Program in their students lives. 

Did You Know...

Many students in our school district are economically disadvantaged.

  • 30% of West Albany High School students
  • 52% of South Albany High School students
  • 85% of Albany Options School students
  • There are 272 homeless K-12 youth

*Based on 2018 State report card.

With Your Help...

We are able to remove barriers to learning for kids throughout our community. Whether it is a backpack for an elementary student or dorm room supplies and a laptop for a college bound senior, your support provides equitable opportunities for kids.

K-12 Assistance

Supplies and basic needs for students

  • Clothing and hygiene supplies
  • Enrichment opportunities for low-income students
  • Financial assistance to cover participation fees

Post-secondary Assistance for Graduating Seniors (need-based assistance)

  • Mentors to transition students from high school to college or trade school
  • Grants to help with expenses such as dorm room supplies, transportation and laptops
  • Needs based scholarships to help students pursue a post-secondary education

Would you be willing to make a donation of $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help us meet our goal and provide enrichment opportunities, essential needs and scholarships to students in our schools?  Please fill out the enclosed form and send it in today.  

If you have additional questions or would like to set up a meeting to learn more about the Albany Public Schools Foundation and ways to get involved, feel free to contact our office at 541-979-2773 or

Thank you for your investment in Albany public school kids!