The Albany Public Schools Foundation believes that EVERY student should have an opportunity to succeed. The Student Assistance Program strives to break down barriers in K-12 and post-secondary education due to issues such as homelessness, financial challenges, limited parental support, and other educational obstacles. 

Post-Secondary Support


Transitions the student from high school to college/trade school

Year 1

Basic Needs

Provides items such as dorm room essentials, school, supplies, laptop, etc.

Year 1

Financial Assistance

Needs-based criteria (helps fill financial gaps)

Year 1 - 4

Chris, Rose, George, Naia, and Susana, graduates from AOS, SAHS, and WAHS, talk about their challenges and the importance of the Student Assistance Program in their lives. 

Katelyn, from South Albany High School, and Jodi, from West Albany High School, talk about the importance of the Student Assistance Program in their students lives. 

K-12 Support


Your Support Could Provide the Following:

  • Student care packages
  • State ID card to GED testing
  • Student fees for graduating seniors
  • School supplies
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Art supplies
  • Student fees for extracurricular activities
  • And Much More . . . 

2,000 Student Care Packages

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